Q. When do you meet?

A. We host TWO weekly runs: Mondays @ 6:45PM and Saturdays @ 8:30AM (this time changes seasonally — 8AM in the summer — changes are announced on Instagram). We also usually do a weekly 3 mile run Thursday@ 6:45PM and a track night every other Wednesday @ 6:45PM. Check the calendar and Instagram for details on those runs.

Q. Where do you meet?

A. We start our runs in front of REI at 201 M St NE, right off of the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro stop. On Mondays, we loop back around and socialize at Andy’s Pizza afterwards, while on Saturdays we end at Union Market.

Q. How far do you run? Are these mapped routes shared ahead of time?

A. On Monday evenings, we offer 4.5 mile and 3.1 mile (5K) distances. On Saturday mornings, we offer 7 mile and 3.1 mile (5K) distances. 

Maps for all routes can be found pinned to the top of the Instagram and on our Strava club

The Monday routes are always the same, but the Saturday 7-miler changes from time to time. The route that is pinned to the top of the Instagram is the one we are running that week (check the night before!)

Q. Can I drop in? Or do I need to register ahead of time?

A. No pre-registration is required for our runs. We welcome all drop-ins!

Q. Do you have a bag check?

For our Monday evening runs, you can leave a bag or coat behind the cash registers in REI — just ask the cashiers for help. On Saturday mornings, we start before REI opens, so you should come ready to run as you are.

Q. How much does your group cost?

A. Everyone’s favorite four letter word: FREE. However, if you would like to contribute to our operating costs (mostly our website), you can donate through Liz’s Venmo linked here

Q. I’ve never run before, can I run with you?

A. As long as you think you can run at least 3 miles continuously, you can run with us (and most people can run further than they think!) That said, all the routes can be shortened with some ingenuity on your part, so if you can’t run 3 miles yet, or you’re just having a bad day, you can always bail early and beat us all to after-run drinks!

Q. What paces are there? Will I have someone to run with?

A. We welcome all paces! While there are no formal pace groups, informally the club tends to divide out into groups at around 8 minutes per mile, another group at 9 minutes per mile, and a final group generally around 10 to 11 minutes per mile.

Q. I run with another group. Can I drop in for a run with you?

A. Of course! We would love to have you drop in! The more the merrier. We love the running community here in the DMV and welcome all runners, regardless of whether you run with other groups or clubs.

Q. Do you run in the rain and/or snow?

A. Rain or snow we are always on the go! We only cancel runs if the conditions are absolutely dangerous which generally means there is lightning or ice on the sidewalks. However, any weather can be dangerous if you are not dressed appropriately or adequately hydrated, so remember to keep yourself safe! And only run in conditions that feel safe and comfortable to you. 

We will communicate via Instagram and Discord if we are canceling the run for any reason!

Q. Do you ever cancel runs?

A. If local conditions are too dangerous to run outside safely, we will post a cancellation announcement on Instagram and Discord. If you see no announcement, assume the run is on!

Q. Do you sell merch?

A. We sell merch periodically — stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Q. Do you do any other activities outside of weekly runs?

A. While we have no standing running-optional activities at the moment, in the past we have gone to trivia nights, soccer games, and written “get out the vote” letters as a club. Invites to running-optional activities and off-schedule runs are often posted by members on the Discord. If you’ve got big ideas, email Liz at schackep@gmail.com.

Q. How can I stay in the loop?

A. While we share major updates across all our communication channels (including Strava and email newsletter), day-to-day announcements are typically shared in our Instagram and Discord

Discord is also a great spot to connect with other runners inside/outside the neighborhood if you’re looking for company for a run outside of our regular schedule! Our runners, you will see, are coming from all over the DC and DMV area (not just NoMa).